Testimonials from the masters

"Guro Phil, shares his vast experience and teaches fun classes based on his decades of martial arts training in multiple arts."

"I highly recommend a course of study under Guro Phil Matedne for any student wishing to push the boundries of the bladed arts, or any combination of the combative, indigenous arts fused within his Malay Combat Systems."

"Over the last three years I have learned that MCS is much more than an art,
it is a family!"

"Guro Phil and his wife Christine have created a friendly, family environment free of egos where you can come and learn an efficient, effective, and well-rounded system that blends traditional ideas and values, with modern practicality, all while allowing you to express your own personality and strengths within a broad curriculum of empty hand and weapons based techniques."

"I train with the FINEST martial artists I've trained with in my 26 year career."

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